Top five water softener retailers

Written By: Ambrianna Freeze

When it comes to buying a new water softener, customers demand the best. Unfortunately, the best does not always come at a reasonable price. Luckily, there are plenty of retailers that offer top quality water softeners at competitive prices. Buying a water softener online is usually a good way to get a competitive price, but the consumer is not able to see the product in person before they purchase. Buying from a store typically ensures a positive customer service experience, but the price is sometimes higher. Overall though, each of these retailers offer a quality product at a reasonable price.


Lowes, a home improvement store, offers five water softeners varying in price and size. They range from expensive to very expensive, but offer enticing features like automatic salt and water calculation. Their highest-rated brands are Whirlpool and the full size Krystal Pure water softener. Their products can be purchased online or in a store.


Kenmore, a high-end brand created and sold by Sears, has four types of water softeners available, ranging from three hundred and fifty dollars to six hundred dollars. They are sold in store by Sears and online. Kenmore offers free in-store pickup and free delivery to select locations.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot offers a wide variety of water softeners and water conditioning systems. Online, there are fourteen systems offered for sale. These range in price from two hundred dollars to two thousand dollars, so there is a system appropriate for any budget. Free shipping is available for these products and their online store will also ship to a physical store for pickup.

Quality Water Treatment

This online business boasts a hoard of water softeners and related products. They largely endorse Fleck water softeners, but they are all available at reasonable prices and with free shipping. Although the company is based largely online now, they have been in business for over twenty four years, making them a great choice for buying a water softener online.

Discount Water Softeners

For those who want a cheaper version of a water softener, this website is the place to go. They offer water softeners in many sizes and brands at discounted prices. Their website also includes instructions for installation and advice on what kind of water softener to buy. Purchases can be made through PayPal and the shipping is free and fast.

With so many water softeners to choose from, finding the right one can be very difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of stores that offer advice and have great benefits like free shipping. For the inexperienced buyer, visiting a store like the Home Depot or Lowes is an excellent first step, since their customer service representatives will be able to guide the customer through the process. For those searching for the best price possible, online stores like Discount Water Softeners have regular specials and sales that make water softeners affordable. Whatever their needs, a homeowner will be able to find their water softener for a good deal at any one of these retailers.

Kenmore brand review

Written By: Ambrianna Freeze

With over a century of experience in home appliances, Kenmore has become a household name. Over the past one hundred years, Kenmore, a brand sold exclusively by Sears, engineered and produced hundreds of models of refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, stovetop ranges, ovens and washing machines. Although their longevity has made them very well known, the actual product reviews are a mix of p =”NormalTextRun SCX64381335″ style=”background-color: inherit;”>ositive and negative commentary. With a wide range of products and thousands of customers, there are bound to be mixed reviews of the company, but there is an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction among class=”NormalTextRun SCX64381335″ style=”background-color: inherit;”> this corporation’s clientele. Kenmore appliances seem to deliver on shine and innovation, but their standards fall short when it comes to the quality of their products.

The good

Visiting Kenmore’s website provides the viewer with a clean, easy navigation. The big brand name is definitely enticing; their large and successful company provides customers with regular specials offering percentages off the purchase price and options for free home delivery. They do allow customers to rate and review their products directly on the website, but the reviews are suspiciously enthusiastic; most products receive three and a half to four stars out of five. However, reviews from other online sources like Amazon have some very positive notes regarding Kenmore’s customer service and payment plans. There are certainly excellent benefits in dealing with a company that is well established in their field.

The bad

Unfortunately, customers have quite a bit to say about the downfalls of Kenmore appliances. Upon close examination, even the most positi class=”NormalTextRun SCX64381335″ style=”background-color: inherit;”>ve reviews have some negative feedback. An Amazon reviewer writing under the name DandyDear711 said that while they generally enjoy Kenmore appliances, on their last purchase they “did have delivery problems.” While Kenmore’s customer service team handled the situation with finesse, there are obviously some issues with quality control. This is to be expected in such a large c
orporation, but their
downfalls are still unfortunate. Many customers, including Robert of Centennial, Colorado cited appliances that broke down just after their warranties “font-weight: normal; font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri,sans-serif; line-height: 19px;”> were up. Consumer Affairs gives Kenmore an overall customer satisfaction rating of one start out of five. While Kenmore’s individual product reviews show a reasonable rating, the reviews of over five hundred customers do not lie. Kenmore ass=”NormalTextRun SCX64381335″ style=”background-color: inherit;”>appliances may be shiny, but they do not consistently deliver quality.

The final review

Overall, Kenmore is most well-loved for their long time customer service and their brand name. The products are filled with flaws and are most definitely not high quality, but where they are lacking in quality they make up for in customer relations. They also offer flexible spending plans and low initial costs pan class=”NormalTextRun SCX64381335″ style=”background-color: inherit;”> which are enticing to consumers. The products are not all bad, of course; the company would not have lasted very long if they were. However, their items can be inconsistent and unreliable. Even a product with excellent reviews may arrive in a disappointing shape. Although their quality is something of a gamble, Kenmore will continue to be a brand well known and well loved by Americans everywhere.

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