Best compact water softener brands

Written By: Ambrianna Freeze

Water softeners are an excellent addition to any home or living space. In areas where water is particularly hard, or contains an a
bundance of minerals, it is especially important to clean water to keep
mineral deposits from building up in a place of residence. Water softeners remove the extra minerals found in water creating clean and healthy water. These water softeners are sold in a variety of sizes by a wealth of companies, but the best compact water softener brands are WaterBoss, NuvoH2O and Fleck. Each company offers high quality compact water softeners for competitive prices. With easy installation and a wide selection, there is room in every home for clean and safe water.

WaterBoss compact water softeners

WaterBoss is a leading name in water soften s=”TextRun SCX40121232″ style=”font-weight: normal; font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri,sans-serif; line-height: 19px;”>ing. Their models provide a variety of functionality depending on the needs of the client. The WaterBoss 950 model is designed for compact spaces and removes not only basic minerals, but also reduces odors and any residual chlorine taste. WaterBoss is well known for their self-cleaning features and easy installation. The company’s products typically take only nineteen minutes to completely run a regeneration cycle, making their water softeners a great fit in any home.

NuvoH2O compact water softeners

NuvoH2O prides itself on innovative techniques. Traditionally, water > softeners use salt to purify water, but NuvoH2O softeners are salt-free. Instead of sodium, they produce conditioned water by utilizing citric acid. NuvoH2O has small and compact designs that work for homes of almost any size, including small apartments and recreational vehicles. As an added bonus, the entire system runs without any electricity at all, which means that elect s=”NormalTextRun SCX40121232″ style=”background-color: inherit;”>ricity bills for a home will not go up with the addition of a water softener. =”background-color: inherit;”>Installation is simple enough for most inexperienced homeowners to do it themselves, but the company offers plumbers that service homes throughout Canada and the United States.

Fleck compact water softeners

Fleck is a household name in water softeners, with features and qualities that make softening a home‘s water simple and easy. Although they are slightly on the larger siz >e, Fleck provides their customers with a quality product. For example, the Fleck 5600 STX, one of their best-selling water softeners, is a salt based system that almost completely runs itself and is virtually maintenance free. The system has top ratings in every area of review; it is excellent at its job – softening hard water – it has a fantastic warranty, it runs automatically and it saves households money over time. Fleck is most definitely one of the best water softening brands on the market.

When it comes to healthy, clean water, water softeners are a must-have for homes across the United States. There are thousands of brands and models on the market, but the best companies offer effective, low-maintenance and cost-effective products at competitive prices. For the best deal on a compact water softener, consumers should turn to the top three most trusted brands available: WaterBoss, NuvoH2O and Fleck. These companies produce the very best water softeners with phenomenal benefits, making them the perfect way to keep a home’s water safe, clean and soft.

Top three water softeners for small spaces

Written By: Ambrianna Freeze

A quality water softener can save a household time, money and space. Water softeners are an often overlooked addition to a home, but a good one can be a fantastic investment. The greatest issue families face is choosing a superior brand of water softener worth the time and investment. The three top compact water softeners are the Compact Water Softener by WaterBoss, the Flex High-Efficiency Metered Compact Water Softener and the Quality Water HomeGuard by Hague.

The Compact Water Softener by WaterBoss

This small, “smart” version of a compact water softener comes with exclusive features that set it apart from the rest of the compact versions on the market. With its controls and built in protection features, the WaterBoss design is truly user-friendly. It includes a built-in self-cleaning filter so that virtually no maintenance is required, and a weather resistant cover that works well both inside and outdoors. As far as quality goes, this model has all the bells and whistles. A dual compartment media tank softens more water than models double its size, and the media bed has an extremely high capacity for a model this size. With all these features combined, it is easy to see why the compact water softener by WaterBoss is a top contender in homes across America.

The FLEX Compact Water Softener

The FLEX compact model is a relatively recent addition to the marketplace. Released just two years ago, it was somewhat groundbreaking. The three models, ranging from twenty six inches high to forty three inches high, can soften enough water for the entire family. On top of the minimal size, it is capable of providing high quality softening on a small amount of salt. What really sets this brand apart is the extended warranty on the piece. There is an initial seven-year warranty on the valve, and a whopping ten-year warranty on the tanks. The company also provides its clients with around the clock technical advice. It is simple to install, too, making it the choice for many families who want to be assured of quality and support.

The Quality Water HomeGuard by Hague

This water softener epitomizes the definition of compact. At a mere twenty one and a half inches high, it is small enough to fit in a variety of homes and even recreational vehicles. The HomeGuard boasts an innovative design that blends in to a home, and the ability to be refilled easily. Like the FLEX model, it also comes with an extensive warranty that lasts up to ten years. No maintenance is required with this model due to its self-cleaning filter, which is a grand perk for homeowners, since this filter can easily be forgotten, in a good way.


Compact water softeners are all the rage in today’s age. With new models that only require half the space of a full size water softener and easy to care for designs, compact models are an excellent investment in a home. Each of these three brands offer their own individual benefits, but any one of them will make a fantastic improvement to a home’s water quality.

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